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Best Laptops for 2014-2015


There are plenty of laptops that are great options but only one can be best. Of course there can be one best for each category which will probably be a more accurate way to do things. 



There are budget friendly models where one laptop can be best. There are sky is the limit laptops that also have a best in that category. Of course there are also gaming bests, media bests, energy efficient bests and a general all around best. 


The general all around best laptop for 2014-2015 is going to be an affordable model that offers high speed computing and the latest state of the art hardware. 


Most Affordable Best 


Asus is a relative new comer but has made amazing progress. This company has produced a entry level laptop that is not only affordable but come nicely loaded.  This fourteen inch laptop and offers 4GB of memory and HDMI output along with a 320GB for way under$500 is a great deal!  




Medium Best 



Toshiba Satellite 17.3 inch laptop is a medium priced best choice. The cost is under $700 and Toshiba offers a lot of bang for the buck! 6 GB of memory and 750GB hard drive this machine is quick, user friendly and an all-around great machine. 



Most Expensive Best 



HP 17.3 Elite Notebook is the best in the expensive category. This is really made for professional computing. Some highlights are 6GB Ram. 700 GB HDD.Navidia Quadro3000 (excellent for gaming) finger print scanner for security, the list goes on and on. The cost right around $4000 is steep but this laptop has state of the art technology that will be around for awhile. 





Overall Best 


Apple Mac Book offers 8 GB of memory, 512 GB Flash Storage, Intel Core i7, bluetooth and other sought after features. Apple has overall received time and time again high ratings for customer satisfaction in both the product and in the support that Apple provides. The cost is around $2000. 


There have been a lot of improvements when it comes to laptops. They are faster, have more capabilities and are even energy conserving. The right laptop for you, or the best laptop for you really comes down to a personal choice. 


Finding the best laptops of 2014-2015 is a process that depends on what your goals are. If you need a machine to just word processing, file sharing or internet surfing than the best laptop for you is one that is relatively inexpensive. If you have loftier goals like gaming or media task you will probably want to pay more for a laptop that has a bit more memory. 


Do your homework and ask your family and friends for their opinions to find the best laptop for 2014-2015! 






































Best Laptops 2013
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